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  • Ayurvedic Detox Flow with Ali Cramer

    In partnership with WOOM CENTER, we host Ali Cramer for a power cleansing vinyasa practice based on the principals of Ayurveda. Our time together will include all the tools in the yogic toolbox; asana, mudra, mantra and pranayama. Get your body and mind feeling clear with practical tips on how to...

  • Raja Vinyasa Yoga with Kishan Shah

    In collaboration with WOOM CENTER, Kishan Shah leads a Raja Vinyasa class that will take you on a ride into the ebb & flow of movement + breath, and into the depths of Self. Kishan is an internationally renowned teacher of Yoga, Meditation and Ayurvedic practitioner.

  • Hips & Lifts Workshop with Francesca Bove

    Join us on an exploration of uncharted territory and dive deeply into two key parts of the practice that are often fearfully neglected; hips and inversions. We will begin by mobilizing the hips, and through this newfound fluidity, remain present with the emotions that surface.Then we will discove...

  • The Deal with Injuries with Abbie Galvin

    In collaboration with WOOM CENTER, we explore how to address pain, injury, fear and fragility with owner and founder of The Studio, Abbie Galvin. Addressing physical complaints, foibles, frustrations and injuries - both real and imagined - enables us to make ourselves and others feel safe.
    One o...

  • Mudras, Bhandas & Kriyas with Sarah Finger

    In collaboration with WOOM CENTER, Sarah Platt-Finger shares Tantric tools that enable the physical body to act as a gateway to the causal body, or pure spirit.

    Mudras are hand gestures that link energetic circuits in the body.
    Bandhas are physical locks that redirect energy in the subtle body....

  • Cosmic Unity Through Breath & Mantra with Chad Woodford

    Join new Modern ŌM facilitator Chad Woodford for a kriya set focused on calming the nervous system and then having the direct experience of cosmic unity.
    It will prepare your nervous system for greater amounts of kundalini and then use that energy to access greater values of unity consciousness.

  • Harmonizing Pranayama with Kishan Shah

    Meet our dear friend Kishan Shah, a world-renowned yoga teacher and doctor of Ayurveda. He's a masterful teacher with so much knowledge.

  • Inversions & Arm Balancing with Francesca Bove

    In collaboration with WOOM CENTER, Francesca Bove leads mindful practice will start with a slow opening of your joints and spine, preparing you for a fluid vinyasa practice built to get you floating on your hands. Originally from Rome, Francesca has been teaching Yoga in NYC for 10 years. She is ...

  • Katonah Yoga & Pranayama with Dages Juvelier Keates

    In partnership with WOOM CENTER, we present Katonah Yoga & Pranayama with Dages Juvelier Keates. Saturate yourself in the revelation of a versatile practice that can be translated and synthesized through the lens of experience of the yoga you already know. Through the revelation begins the revolu...

  • What is Enlightenment

    In our modern world, there is a lot of different information on enlightenment, which brings quite a bit of confusion. And this session we will discuss what enlightenment means according to the ancient yoga can Scriptures. You will learn about the seven stages of unfoldment.

  • Mon 11/22 10AM ET | Resistance Stretching

    Gebi shares his somatic work with the community. He will explain how the the body holds (and releases) energy stuck in our body tissue. If there is a yoga move you can't do, this is how you fix yourself. Learn how to immediately transform tension, lack of flexibility, pain and weakness out of stu...