Sasha Nelson

Sasha Nelson

Meditation + Mindfulness for Stress Relief, Meditation, Stress is, unfortunately, a universal commonality. Although it’s important when faced with situations when we need to be highly alert and protect ourselves or others, it can be incredibly detrimental to our mind-body health over time if it becomes our default means of operating. Thankfully, we have mindfulness practices like meditation to help us not only calm ourselves down and manage the stress that is causing us dis-ease, but also to potentially break our personal patterns and habits that cause us stress and can perhaps be avoided. You’ll feel more aware of yourself and your stressors, and much more empowered to support your stress-relief! Participants will gain a better sense of how to utilize simple, attainable, powerful mindfulness tools that can be implemented into everyday life. This will help them better understand where their stress comes from, how stress affects their bodies and minds, how to be aware when it arises, how to acknowledge stress without getting stuck in repetitive stressful situations, and finally how to mitigate stress using these time-tested tools.

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Sasha Nelson
  • Cultivating Calm : Mindfulness of Breath (August 1, 2022)

    Guide the attention to the present moment by utilizing the breath as an anchor and active practice to calm the nervous system, while simultaneously strengthening and opening up the lungs.

    Recenter, regroup, rejuvenate, and realign body and mind with this simple yet powerful practice. We will con...

  • Mindfulness for Stress Relief

    Sasha is dedicated to cultivating healthy relationships with our minds and bodies, the food we eat, and the planet on which we all live. A California native who relocated to Brooklyn and then Paris, Sasha teaches yoga and meditation internationally, is a nutrition + wellness coach, and seeks to i...