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Rev Briana Lynn

Rev Briana Lynn

Join Briana LIVE every 1st Sunday of the month at 8pm ET for Shamanism, Sex & Money.

Reverend Briana Lynn is a Nature Based Guide who supports you in accessing spirit, integrating past trauma, & living with your hearts WIDE open to the divine. She communicates her 2 decades of academic & shamanic work in a way that

Her mission is: to be of service, to love wildly, and to live fully (aka have a sh*t ton of fun!!).


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Rev Briana Lynn
  • Shamanism, Sex & Money

    A transmission on what is human power, potential and how we move forward (inward and lateral) as a species

  • Deepening the Art of Sacred Facilitation with Rev. Briana Lynn Cavion

    So you're ready to facilitate.... hmmm? You've had an awakening. You KNOW you're a lightworker... what do you do first? Change your IG handle? Announce it to your friends? Start soliciting clients? Before you jump into SERVICE, join Rev. Briana Lynn Cavion and let's go through the checklist of FE...

  • Orgasmic Oracle Codes

    Join the monthly Orgasmic Oracle Codes: The Convergence of Spirit, Sensuality & Prosperity. This session is titled “Shamanism, Sex and Money” and is a transmission on what is human power, potential how we move forward (inward and lateral) as a species.

  • 2/06 8PM ET | Intersection of Sexuality & Spirit Panel

    Join us for a panel of master facilitators exploring the two sides of the human experience, Sexulity & Spirituality, with a radical look at how they may not be so separate after all. Expect a lively panel that explores the nuances of the word sexuality, spirituality, ego identity, and how we indi...