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4/21 10AM ET | Journaling with Jodi Darren

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  • 4/20 10AM ET | Golden Voices

    A feeling of being invited and ignited into their golden essence.

    We are all golden inside, it is our time to shine.

    A man on a mission to invite others to claim their golden voice

  • 4/19 8PM ET | The Art of Sexuality

    Josefina Bashout aka the Pussy Priestess is a Tantric Love & Sex Educator as well as a spiritual Psychologist

    👇🏼Leave your thoughts on this session or answer this prompt in the comments below: What would you say is your greatest fear?👇🏼

    Join Josefina monthly. Her next session is: Tuesday, M...

  • 4/18 10AM ET | Pratyāhāra

    Pratyāhāra is the last outer limb in Patañjalis Aṣṭāṅga Yoga before the aspirant begins his inner journey towards the goal of yoga.

    Withdrawing the senses from their respective objects and focusing the mind on the object of meditation is the practice of pratyāhāra.

    In this session, learn how to...

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