Michelle Alva | Ignite Your Soul's Presence

Michelle Alva | Ignite Your Soul's Presence

Join Michelle Alva in a meditation to Ignite Your Soul's Presence.
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Michelle Alva | Ignite Your Soul's Presence
  • 2/28 10 AM ET | Energize and Clear your Chakras

    Join Michelle Alva for a journey through the chakras where you will learn simple, fun, and effective ways to balance and harmonize the 7 chakras. Learn the ALVA Method (Activate Love Vibrate Abundance with just a few steps.) Experience a powerful inner journey to bliss. Lay down and enjoy the rid...

  • 5/23 10AM ET | Embrace the Feminine

    Surrender to the unknown in this fun and playful feminine experience where we dive deeply into the many aspects of the feminine. This class is for men and women.

    Michelle Alva, Mindset-Energy Coach and Tantra Practitioner.

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