ZIMBERG Monthly  | Living Awake

ZIMBERG Monthly | Living Awake

Brian Marc Zimberg is an inspirational speaker and a preeminent expert in modern Meditation, Mindfulness, and Modern Enlightenment. He’s the author of "Stop Smile Breathe Be" and creator of the revolutionary program Access Points, teaching you how to get out of your mind at any moment. His progressive teaching is pioneering in its approach to delivering all the benefits of traditional meditation while matching the fast pace of today’s hectic lifestyle.

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ZIMBERG Monthly  | Living Awake
  • 12/6 8pm ET | A new relationship with Emotions

    In this monthly session, you connect with your personal power & know self love. Zimberg talks about a root void underlying ego : a shame or sense of unworthiness. Throughout our life we are conditioned to believe our worthiness is reliant on our actions and outcomes. Our thoughts & emotions are c...