Better Human Sundays

Better Human Sundays

Ericka Ramelli leads a conversation on Being Better Humans

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Better Human Sundays

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  • Sun 10/24 8PM ET | Better Human Sundays

    Born a clairvoyant channel, Erika has been teaching about accessing higher levels of consciousness since she was 14yrs old. This urban shaman & medicine woman is the founder of Better Humans, an international wellness consulting firm with clients in 18 countries. She is a published author, a ...

  • Help in Times of Stress

    Join Erika Ramelli for Fabulous Gift Ideas to Help in Times of Stress! The Better Human Sundays bring fun, practical and transformative tools and wisdom from all over the world to empower your personal journey to Self-Mastery. These juicy tips, herbal knowledge and multidimensional techniques are...

  • Key Traditional Herbal Recipes of South America

    Join me on this Better Human Sunday, as we journey through traditional herbal recipes passed on from generation to generation in South America!
    Tune-in with your family for this fun holiday workshop packed with unique herbal tips and recipes!