Michael Krass I Practical Meditation

Michael Krass I Practical Meditation

Michael Krass is a writer, teacher, and longtime “sitter” with extensive experience in meditation and mindfulness practice. Through his writing and teaching, Michael is committed to the idea of presenting personal, practical, and adaptable ways of bringing awareness to your life through insightful meditation, fearless presence, and wild creativity and never, ever selling yourself short. He currently teaches private clients, including custom programs at Modern ŌM, and as part of the University of Southern California’s Mindful USC program.

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Michael Krass I Practical Meditation

2 Videos

  • The Heart of Meditation

    What happens when we meditate and why do we do it? What is it about this ancient practice that is still so critical to our modern lives? In this talk and meditation session we will explore how to cultivate our practice and take the insights from the cushion to every moment in our daily lives wher...

  • Finding Your Story

    Finding your story in meditation is a way of identifying with yourself through practice. While there are steps to meditation and guidance into specific traditional practices, what we learn through consistent work in mindfulness and meditation is that we have the power to choose where we place our...