Parashakti | Dance of Liberation

Parashakti | Dance of Liberation

Join Parashakti for her monthly "Moving through Pain" session, today we get to dive into her Dance of Liberation!
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Parashakti | Dance of Liberation
  • 6/23 8PM ET | Parashakti - Dance of Liberation

    Dance of Liberation, created by Parashakti, is a powerful combination of movement therapy and ceremony, rooted in ancient shamanic tradition that clears blockages in the body, mind, heart, and spirit. Integrating the seven foundations as a spiritual map, the experience allows dancers and non-danc...

  • 5/26 8PM ET | Moving through Pain

    Dance of Liberation. Utilizing the ancient tool of the blindfold we will journey through the 7 foundations of DOL. Exploring the essence of Spirit and the essence of Movement as Medicine.

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    Join Parashakti mont...