Virtual Love Crawl

Virtual Love Crawl

Feb 6th, 8 - 9:30pm ET - Sexuality and Spirit Panel
Feb 9th, 10 - 10:45am ET - Be a Love Magnet with EuGene Gant
Feb 10th, 8 - 9:30pm ET - Breath & Desire with Onyay Pheori
Feb 11th, 10 - 10:45am ET - Sacred Love Kevin Walton
Feb 12th, 10 - 10:45am ET - Love Hurts with Lodro Rinzler
Feb 13th, 8 - 9:30pm ET - Wholehearted Attention with Amanda Gilbert

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Virtual Love Crawl
  • 2/09 10 AM ET | Be a Love Magnet

    For Day 1 of the Love Crawl, EuGene Gant will show you how to charge your aura for LOVE.

    This session focuses on how to activate your magnetism through mudras and meditation. This practice is based on Naam Yoga, which merges the precise science of breath, sound, movement, and mudra therapy (hand...

  • 2/10 8PM ET | Breath and Desire

    Onyay leads a monthly breathwork journey to explore your unconscious dimensions so that you may awaken, transform, and expand your gifts. For the Love Crawl, she will focus on how to awaken the feeling of desire within the body using the power of our breath.

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  • 2/11 10AM ET | Sacred Love

    For the Love Crawl, Kevin Walton leads us to uncover insights on what it means to love sacredly. Learn tangible techniques to access greater capacity of love and spiritual connection with ourselves, such that it overflows into others.

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  • 2/12 10AM ET I Love Hurts

    For the Love Crawl we welcome Lodro Rinzler, long-time Buddhist teacher and the author of the book "Love Hurts" for a special session where we learn tools to manage heartbreak. Whether you're feeling heartbroken about the state of the world, your ex, your work situation or something else entirely...

  • 2/13 8PM ET | Wholehearted Attention

    Your attention is an offering of love when it is undivided, fully present and whole. In this session we will explore teaching on love, attention and presence in relationships and how wholehearted attention is a love language in itself.

    Amanda will share practices on mindful communication, daily ...

  • Sexuality and Spirit Panel

    Watch this panel of facilitators exploring the two sides of the human experience, Sexuality and Spirituality, with a radical look at how they may not be so separate after all. The panelists are Reverend Briana Lynn, Johann Urb, Josefina Bashout, and is moderated by Modern ŌM Founder Myk Likhov.