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12/1 8PM ET | Wisdom School

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  • 12/6 8pm ET | Living Awake

    In this monthly session, you connect with your personal power & know self love. Zimberg talks about a root void underlying ego : a shame or sense of unworthiness. Throughout our life we are conditioned to believe our worthiness is reliant on our actions and outcomes. Our thoughts & emotions are c...

  • 12/5 10AM ET | Transformational Chakr...

    Join Michelle Alva on a guided embodiment experience where we will explore ways to process mental and physical tension to lightness. Lay down and opem up your body to receive.

    Purchase this session for $15 or join the club with promo code 'MICHELLE22' for your first month at $9.75

  • 11/24 11:20AM ET | Thanksgiving Address

    It is with profound honor and respect that Better Humans founder Erika Ramelli shares the “Thanksgiving Address of the Haudenosaune Peoples” with the Modern ŌM community.

    The words come from the wise and visionary Mohawk Chief Jake Swamp. He felt these words of Thanksgiving, which are the very...