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Practical Tools

Practical Tools

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Practical Tools
  • Dissolving Fear with Jennifer Grace

    Jennifer Grace teaches practical tools to to take your anxiety from a 10 to a 2. Session recorded on Mar 27, 2020

  • The Magic of Tiny Moments with Jared Matthew Weiss

  • Taking Radical Responsibility with Rachel Webb

  • Creativity As A Path Of Evolution with Adam Roa

    Join poet & coach Adam Roa for a session on how creativity unlocks deeper understanding of self and more potential for what we can manifest. He will also share some new spoken word poetry. The awareness of your creative potential will elevate every area of your life.

  • Prototype Your Dreams Into Reality with Peter Oppermann

    Start living your life in alignment with your dreams and visions of the future. In this meditation workshop you are invited to reimagine what is next and what you want to bring to the world. Meet your Future Self and learn how to prototype your dreams into reality with Peter Oppermann, founder of...

  • The Self Love Commitment with Rachel Levy

  • The Power of Prayer with Julian DeVoe

    Julian DeVoe discusses the anatomy of prayer and how it can be woven into your modern life — in a fun, impactful and joyful way. We will dive into the presence and power of spirituality and how prayer can make a difference in our lives. You will receive simple and practical techniques for living ...

  • Heart Reset with Sheva & Robert

    This session will show you how to share the love and wisdom within your heart! Learn how, with a few simple techniques, you can access a source of energy right in your own heart. Leave with scientifically validated tools to increase your energy and resilience for greater health, well being, and a...

  • Soul Reset with Kute Blackson

    Now more than ever, we must reinforce the truth and love in our lives. Every thought, word, and deed is co-creating our world and future. We can let outer circumstances determine who we are, or we can consciously make the choice to love.

    Kute's session will inspire you to make real change by cou...

  • Love Letters with Megan Lee Joy

    In her Find Your Joy classes, Megan Lee Joy mixes energy healing, meditation & experiential therapy. This is a hands-on experience into expansive self-love where you journey inwards through mindful intention. Through visualization, journaling and somatic exercises, you will feel your body’s wisdo...

  • A Manifestation Process & Meditation with Jennifer Grace

    Jennifer Grace leads us in a process of manifesting called the Authentic Frequency Technique, and a meditation to visualize your intention coming to fruition. You will learn acting tools to authentically FEEL how to feel when your intention comes to fruition so that you can accelerate the manifes...

  • Your Heart's Blueprint with Sheva Carr and Robert Browning

    Just as an acorn contains all the information to become an oak tree, you were born with a user’s manual for your life — including purpose, well-being, and peace of mind — right inside your own heart. How can we access and decode that user’s manual? Welcome to the tools and practices developed ove...

  • Creating Sustainable Self Love with Jordana Reim

    Join Jordana Reim for a session that includes a short talk about how to create self love that lasts over time and how to create self love in a moment when it is really challenging. We will then do a meditation practice to cultivate lasting self love and joy.⠀

  • Completing 2020, Envisioning 2021 with Jennifer Grace

    Join Jennifer Grace in a session where through a thought provoking process of asking powerful questions we will look back on what worked and what did not work in 2020 so that we can envision and design 2021!

    This session is an honest assessment on where you fell short, where you exceeded, and w...

  • The Art of Sacred Living with Kevin Walton

    Join Kevin Walton in a session which we will enjoy insight on the 5 Keys to living a more Sacred, In Tune, and Authentic Life. Enhanced Presence, Increased Standards and Flow, Greater Awarenes of Self. Movement, Meditation + Wisdom.

  • Non-Violent Communication & Authentic Relating with Diana Paschal

    During today's session, Diana Paschal guides the basics of using non-violent communication with authentic relating and journaling prompts. You will gain clarity on what needs, desires and emotions you are feeling and how to navigate communicating them in a healthy way in your relationships.

  • Mindful Muscle Release with Jason Williams

    Join Jason Williams in learning to incorporate tools such as self massage, breathwork, reiki, and meditation to reduce stress, anxiety, and promote relaxation. This session is great to learn ways to become more in-tune with your body and release stress points.

  • Centering Energy with Kevin Walton

    Kevin Walton leads a session dedicated to our ability to activate and increase life-force energy in selective capacities, to then harness and center for purposeful use.

  • Suspending Judgement in 2020 with Matthew Sherman

    Matthew Sherman leads you in a deep dive about psychological cues that we are acting from downloaded patterns with a closed mind and closed heart. How do we suspend that judgement and then open our hearts and minds?
    You can find the ability to love your family, friends and neighbors no matter the...

  • Accessing Heart Consciousness with Kevin Walton

    Kevin Walton leads us in a session called Accessing Heart Consciousness. This process is a primary tool in Creatorhood, Kevin's signature system. To access this space, you step OUT of identity, OUT of form to EMBODY greater as your true self.

  • Designing Your Destiny with Megan Lee Joy

    In this class of Find Your Joy, Megan teaches and guides her magical morning practice and her personalized affirmation practice. You will learn how visioning with gratitude can design and manifest the life of your dreams and how affirmations personalized to your present can makeover your mindset.

  • Day 4 | Symbols & NFTs

    On Day 4 of the Renew You ‘22 Challenge we've invited Alexander Deleuse, the creator of our grand prize NFT totems (you win when you attend all 31 days),

    Alex will start his session with drawing a line through the subconscious, symbolism, and how we live today. He will explain how his art pract...