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Mantra & Sound

Mantra & Sound

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Mantra & Sound
  • Hawaiian Ho’oponopono with Emilia Garth

    Join Emilia Garth for a session on the history of how the ancient Hawaiians practiced Ho’oponopono and modern applications and practices. You will learn about the origins of this popular practice, about Hawaiian culture, and will acquire a new skill to forgive and cultivate a community-based mind...

  • Dance of Liberation with Parashakti

    Join Parashakti for a deep dive into the great mystery where we can unlock and receive the answers of which we are seeking and dancing for. Dance of Liberation is a powerful combination of movement therapy and ceremony, rooted in ancient shamanic tradition that clears blockages in the body, mind,...

  • Prosperity & Abundance Meditation with Laurie Como

    Join Laurie Como for a Kundalini practice that opens up the floodgate of abundance for a prosperous life. It's also called the ATM meditation (cha ching!). It's time to receive! We will be using our voices and chant together an easy mantra so no prior experience needed.

  • Alchemy of Dance Meditation & Ritual with Biba

    Do you feel energy in your body, mind or emotions running either hot and edgy or stuck and muddy. There is a lot going on in our world right now.
    Join Biba for a dancing meditation to music from her album, in a prayer for the Amazon (and our planet). Through dance, intention and music this sessio...

  • Live Piano Meditation with Murray Hidary

  • Walking Flow State Meditation with Murray Hidary

    Journey with Murray Hidary as you venture through your neighborhoods, local parks, beach or favorite walking paths, all while experiencing open-eyed flow state. This is a beautiful guided walking meditation with music scored by Murray. You can do this session at home, or on your favorite (conveni...

  • 1 Year Anniversary Performance with Manose

    Join Nepal-born and globally recognized Grammy nominated artist Manose for our 1 year anniversary.

  • Evoke Your Inner Artist Sonic Experience with Luna Maye

    Join Luna Maye for a unique and curious sound meditation and journal prompt to explore your inner artist! Feeling blocked? Curious about how to expand your creativity? Wanted an ease-filled meditation experience? Let’s drop in together! Luna introduces a new dimension of sound meditation to the w...

  • Find Your Sonic Joy, Sound Bath with Megan Lee Joy

    Join Megan Lee Joy's Find Your Joy classes for a mixture of energy healing, meditation & experiential therapy. This is a hands-on experience into expansive self-love where you journey inwards through music, meditation and intentionality. Through this meditation, visualization, and somatic sound h...

  • A Dance to Celebrate Those Who Have Passed On with Biba

    A dedicated prayer originating in our souls and offered with our bodies. Beyond words and ritual, your dance is a return to the divine.,Since the beginning of time, when people danced it has been a doorway into the sacred. A joyful ritual that opens access to our soul nature. Alchemy of Dance is ...

  • Meditation For Abundance Mindset with Erin Doppelt

    Join Erin Doppelt for an active meditation session to drop into the body, move into active Breathwork and then conclude with a grounding practice. This is for you if you are feeling stressed, ungrounded and desire deeper connection to self and a shift in mindset. You will leave feeling calm, cent...

  • Mantra & Music Performance with Emilia Garth

    Singing is medicine. Join Emilia Garth as we join our voices collectively to honor and reconnect with the nature around us and within ourselves.

  • Seeds of Love with Emilia Garth

    Through this live music experience interwoven with grounding, yet expansive mediation with Emilia Garth, we will prime our year with a lens of love and gratitude.
    We will re-establish our connection to source, to love, and to the abundant happiness latent within us.

  • Joy Center Activation with Manose

    Join Manose, a Nepal-born and globally recognized artist for a joy center activation. He has been touring for more than two decades, spreading the essence of music, mantras, and wisdom of Eastern philosophy. Manose's collaboration with Deva Premal & Miten for the last 15 years has won millions of...

  • Laugh Class with Alan Wein

    Join Alan Wein in a cathartic space where we’ll release, unblock, un-judge and widen our perception through laughter. We’ll learn simple and powerful tools that will generate immediate positive changes in our lives, for us to apply them everyday, so we can create the reality we want for us. Trans...

  • Tues 11/09 8 PM ET | Neurobiology of Sound

    As we practice the Arimany Method we explore the rhythms patterns of nature and how they can be applied to facilitate homeostasis and specific architecture in the brain promoting rapid learning, peak performance, neuroplasticity, mind and body alignment and harmonic growth. The release of the nat...

  • Day 8 | Sound Odyssey

    On Day 8 of 2022, we take a sound healing healing journey through time. During this profound 360 Degree Sound Odyssey, participants will journey back through time, shedding multiple layers of themselves while experiencing a series of past life sensations and manifestations that will leave them fe...