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Kundalini & Kriya

Kundalini & Kriya

Kundalini Yoga & Kriya use specific sets of breathing techniques, sound and physical poses to achieve specific outcomes. Each kriya is aimed at a specific outcome and has very specific instructions, such as the amount of time to hold each pose, point of eye contact and breath technique.

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Kundalini & Kriya
  • The Alchemy of Love with EuGene Gant

    There is a mystery waiting in love. It's hidden within the darkest places, waiting for us to discover more of ourselves. When we can change our perspective about love and our relationships, we can change our world. Let's get to it. EuGene Gant shares tools and insights that assist the "love pract...

  • Elemental Breathwork and Kriya with Chad Woodford

    Abundance is a state where everything is available to us right now. Chad Woodford guides us through several Himalayan Kundalini seated practices designed to awaken your Prana and bring you into the direct experience of unity. These powerful transformational practices will put you in touch with yo...

  • Kriya Kundalini with Pablo Gomez

  • Kriya Yoga with Pablo Gomez

    Pablo Gomez leads combines asanas, mudras, bandhas, and pranayama to liberate our Shakti energy and expand our consciousness. We'll use specific techniques to harness, expand and liberate our Kundalini energy.

  • Weather The Storm and Come Up Smiling with Heather Henninger

    The one thing that is certain in life is change. Everything in the material world changes, it's just the rate of change that varies. External changes are often totally out of our control and therefore the majority of our reactions to stimuli, triggers, and stressors are automatic and unconscious ...

  • Meditation For Abundance Mindset with Erin Doppelt

    Join Erin Doppelt for an active meditation session to drop into the body, move into active Breathwork and then conclude with a grounding practice. This is for you if you are feeling stressed, ungrounded and desire deeper connection to self and a shift in mindset. You will leave feeling calm, cent...

  • The Art of Being Yourself with Nat Ma

    Nat Ma leads an Introduction to Kriya Meditation themed on freeing ourselves in order to discover ourself.

  • Prosperity & Abundance Meditation with Laurie Como

    Join Laurie Como for a Kundalini practice that opens up the floodgate of abundance for a prosperous life. It's also called the ATM meditation (cha ching!). It's time to receive! We will be using our voices and chant together an easy mantra so no prior experience needed.

  • Kriya Meditation: Shortcut to Superconcious with Nat Ma

    Nat Ma will be guiding a simple yet powerful meditation practice to reach a state of deep state of meditation. While it's helpful to focus on just the breath or a mantra to quiet and observe the mind, these practices deal with the first levels of meditation.
    Kriya Yoga takes it to the next level ...

  • Cosmic Unity Through Breath & Mantra with Chad Woodford

    Join new Modern ŌM facilitator Chad Woodford for a kriya set focused on calming the nervous system and then having the direct experience of cosmic unity.
    It will prepare your nervous system for greater amounts of kundalini and then use that energy to access greater values of unity consciousness.

  • Inherent Bliss

    We will come together in a meditative seated practice that combines breathwork and subtle kriya designed to go deep within and access our inherent bliss nature. You will tap into the infinite, nurturing intelligence of nature and experience a taste of true unity deep within.