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  • 2/01 8PM ET | Radical Self-Love Revolution

    We are in the month if love! In this session of Find Your Joy, join Megan for an inspiring and educational experience into radical self-love!

    Whether you are the guru of your own heart or get to treat yourself more often - this class will provide a safe space for LOOOOVE! Let’s take this time to...

  • Prototype Your Dreams Into Reality with Peter Oppermann

    Start living your life in alignment with your dreams and visions of the future. In this meditation workshop you are invited to reimagine what is next and what you want to bring to the world. Meet your Future Self and learn how to prototype your dreams into reality with Peter Oppermann, founder of...

  • Hawaiian Ho’oponopono with Emilia Garth

    Join Emilia Garth for a session on the history of how the ancient Hawaiians practiced Ho’oponopono and modern applications and practices. You will learn about the origins of this popular practice, about Hawaiian culture, and will acquire a new skill to forgive and cultivate a community-based mind...

  • Practicing Poetry & Peace with Kurt Peloquin

    Poet and meditation teacher Kurt Peloquin leads a session to explore the deep roots of poetry and meditation as ancient practices for cultivating peace, passion, and presence. This session is for anyone looking to deepen their meditation practice and apply that peace to their creative process.

  • Journaling & Vision Theory with Jodi Darren

    Living a life with vision is stepping into your full potential by living your purpose and sharing your natural gifts. Jodi Darren teaches you vision theory to start the discovery of your vision with some inspired journaling prompts. Whether you are looking to bring more inspiration in life, or de...

  • Guided Journaling with Jodi Darren

  • Love Letters with Megan Lee Joy

    In her Find Your Joy classes, Megan Lee Joy mixes energy healing, meditation & experiential therapy. This is a hands-on experience into expansive self-love where you journey inwards through mindful intention. Through visualization, journaling and somatic exercises, you will feel your body’s wisdo...

  • Journaling on Archetypes with Jodi Darren

    Jodi Darren leads a journaling session on Archetypes.

  • Connect with Your Spirit Animal with Jodi Darren

    Jodi Darren leads a Journaling Session to connect you with your spirit animal.

  • Journaling As a Tool for Self Discovery with Jodi Darren

  • Journaling for Transformation with Jodi Darren

  • The Art of Letting Go with Kurt Peloquin

    Kurt Peloquin leads a workshop of The Art of Letting Go which will feature a guided meditation, an interactive spoken word poem, and a brief journaling exercise — all inspired by Tibetan Buddhist teachings on impermanence and the life giving force of embracing death.

  • Your Universal To-Do List for the Week with Jodi Darren

  • The Art of Letting Go with Kurt Peloquin

    Join poet and meditation guide Kurt Peloquin on a creative exploration of The Art of Letting Go — featuring a guided meditation on impermanence, live music and poetry, and a group exercise in poetic storytelling.

  • The Vision Map Experience with Jodi Darren

    Join Jodi Darren on The Vision Map Experience. It is a guided journaling and discovery process, based on feng shui concepts, to examine the 9 areas of life and map out your life purpose and vision. Think of it as the new and improved vision board. The sequence can be used for years to come like a...

  • What Do Your Values Say About You? with Heather Henninger

    What ARE Values? Values essentially define our model of the world. They are a compass for deciding whether our actions are good or bad, right or wrong and how we feel about our actions. Values are what we are either negatively or positively motivated by. And Values are context specific. For examp...