Jordana Reim

Jordana Reim

Jordana Reim has dedicated her life to expanding consciousness - her own, her community’s, and humanity’s. She has spent the last decade refining her personal practice through travels and residencies at some of the most sacred and beautiful places on Earth including the islands of Thailand, ashrams of India and the Himalayas of Nepal and Bhutan. Jordana's teachings seamlessly bridge the gap between ancient practice and modern day mindsets in her work with both individuals and businesses.

Join Jordana LIVE every 3rd Monday of the month at 10am ET for Peace Inside.

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Jordana Reim
  • 4/04 10AM ET | Conquering FOMO

    Conquering FOMO. Join Jordana to explore the roots of FOMO and how we can release ourselves from its tempting ways. In this session you'll get in touch with how "fear of missing out" shows up in your own life, in small ways or obvious ways. You can transform your thoughts through various "mind ha...

  • Creating Sustainable Self Love with Jordana Reim

    Join Jordana Reim for a session that includes a short talk about how to create self love that lasts over time and how to create self love in a moment when it is really challenging. We will then do a meditation practice to cultivate lasting self love and joy.⠀

  • Energy Boosting Breathwork & Meditation with Jordana Reim

    Jordana Reim shares various energy balancing and boosting breathing techniques to clear your mind and create focus for your day ahead. We will go in and out of active state of breathing coupled with a presence practice of feeling and grounding.

  • Breath Play with Jordana Reim

    In this musically-driven session, Jordana takes you into your own personal peaks through breath. This method of Breathwork shares a theme of "play" in order to bring about both inspiration and integration. We'll play in between the space of tension and release so that all can begin to integrate.