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  • Day 21 | Golden Voices

    Join Jeff Scult, a man on a mission, as he invites others to claim their golden voice. We intend for this to be a platform to share the golden voices of those who remind us of our own, a feeling of being invited and ignited into their golden essence. We are all golden inside, it is our time to sh...

  • Day 22 | Vocal Activation

    Nue Life Presents Day 22 of the Renew You ‘22 Challenge, where Elian Zach leads you in a session to uncover the power of your voice.

    Your voice is so powerful - it can hurt or heal, agitate or soothe, reject or welcome. Most of us rarely play with its edges but when we do, we open the possibilit...

  • Day 23 | Written Art of Gratitude

    On this Better Human Sunday, we will explore the transcending powers hidden in Thank You Notes! The secrets in the skill to write them and the emotions of receiving.
    Celebrate kindness and express your gratitude through messages in written artistry!

  • Day 24 | Building Sacred Relationships

    On Day 24 of the Renew You ‘22 Challenge, Rachel Webb shares a session on sacred relationships.

    We are taught to find a person who meets all of our needs, like shopping for groceries at the store. We have a checklist and measure people against them: especially our parents and partners. But if we...

  • 1/24 7:30PM ET I Equinox Retreat Info Session

    With 2 months until our 2nd Equinox Retreat in partnership with Chozen, we're holding a brief Info session with Q&A about the weekend experience.
    Join EuGene Gant, Amanda Gilbert, Myk Likhov, and previous attendees to learn about this beautiful weekend getaway happening March 18 - 20th. The sched...

  • Day 25 | Spiritual Real Talk

    Pebbl Presents Day 25 of the Renew You ‘22 Challenge as Megan Monahan leads us in a meditation practice for everyday soul searchers.

    Dive into a meditation practice that will inspire you to see your life as an endless opportunity to learn more about who you are, what you desire, and what your pu...

  • Day 26 | Yoga & Modern Life

    Introduction to Bhakti Yoga - The Yoga of devotion.

  • 1/26 8PM ET I Awakening And Allyship

    As part of our 31-day Renew You '22 Challenge, Modern ŌM has invited a panel of leaders to discuss Awakening and Allyship.

    Join a critical and insightful discussion on Awakening as it relates to how we show up in the world. Do we awaken for ourselves or for each other? Let's unpack societal no...

  • 1/27 10AM ET I Journaling with Jodi Darren

    10:00AM EST VIA ZOOM

    Journaling is a healthy way to take a look into our subconscious, giving us the opportunity to organize our thoughts and apply our lessons. In this final session of January, you will map-out your manifestation plan for 2022. This exercise will help you clarify your vision an...

  • Day 27 | Dance of Liberation

    Utilizing the ancient tool of the blindfold we will journey through the 7 foundations of DOL. Exploring the essence of Spirit & the essence of Movement as Medicine. Please have a blindfold/bandana

  • Day 28 | Healthy Love

    Join us on Day 28 in an amazing session in Healthy Love.

    👇🏼 To participate in the Challenge, please comment below: (Don’t forget to leave your name + city so we know to count you). 👇🏼

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  • Day 29 | 4 Pillars of Conscious Startups

    On Day 29 of the Renew You ‘22 Challenge, CEO of Nue Life Health Juan Pablo Cappello leads a session about conscious business.

    Juan Pablo is co-founder and CEO of Nue Life Health, a next-gen mental wellness company that believes in the power of psychedelics to catalyze lasting change. He was rai...

  • Day 30 | Yoga Nidra for Deep Healing

    On Day 30 of the Renew You ‘22 Challenge, Reverend Briana Lynn will dive deep into the art and science of storytelling and how to allow 'your shit to become your shine.' You have something POWERFUL to offer this planet. The art of telling is our oracular tradition that activates the human mind an...

  • Day 31 | What's Next For You

    On the final day of the Renew You ‘22 Challenge, Hay House Author and Mindset Coach Jennifer Grace will guide you on an epic adventure where you get to cultivate and refine your 2022 vision for yourself, your community, and for what you want to create in, and for... the world.

    👇🏼 To participate ...

  • 2/01 8PM ET | Radical Self-Love Revolution

    We are in the month if love! In this session of Find Your Joy, join Megan for an inspiring and educational experience into radical self-love!

    Whether you are the guru of your own heart or get to treat yourself more often - this class will provide a safe space for LOOOOVE! Let’s take this time to...

  • 2/02 10AM ET | February Astrology Check In


    👇🏼 You're invited to answer this prompt in the comments below: XXXX? (leave your name and your city!). 👇🏼

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  • 2/03 8 PM ET | Wisdom School

    Join Darren to discuss relevant and cutting edge topics in spirituality and the evolution of consciousness. Every

    Learn how to deepen your spiritual growth & receive inspiration for higher purpose.

    Darren is a visionary leader, spiritual educator, sound alchemist and sacred musician. He is dev...

  • 2/04 10 AM ET | Mysticism & Money


  • 2/06 8PM ET | Sexuality & Spirit Panel

  • 2/07 6:30PM ET | Meditation Journey Concert

    Jonathan Marcoschamer (aka yoni) is a percussionist and music producer that performs live sets, looping sounds and creating beats on the fly with both acoustic and electronic instruments like the handpan, djembe, and synth sounds. Every live set intends to weave uptempo grooves with calm, etherea...

  • 2/09 10 AM ET | Love Magnet

  • 2/10 8PM ET | Breath and Desire

  • 2/11 10AM ET | The Art of Sacred Living

  • 2/07 10 AM ET | Meditation on OM

    Understand the philosophy of OM and practice meditation on OM from the ancient texts and scriptures such as the Upaniṣads and Yogasūtra. ,Enter into the esoteric meaning of OM and learn about its application in your own life path. Tune in with the Infinite.