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Guided Meditations

Guided Meditations

We began as a Miami-based meditation community, so guided meditations are core to our platform. Our diverse facilitators offer so many style of practice; from traditional Buddhist lineages to those based on yogic wisdom, to new age practices that bring you into present moment experience.

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Guided Meditations
  • How To Make The Heart A Home with Amanda Gilbert

    Join Amanda Gilbert and learn how to make your heart and your inner world a true home - a place you feel happy, free and at ease in. Amanda will offer teachings on The Four Heart Practices of Mindfulness Meditation. The four heart practices - Loving-Kindness, Compassion, Appreciative Joy, & Equan...

  • Shamanic Meditation for Chakra Healing with Fern Olivia

    Fern will open shall open with a traditional Native American prayer for creating a sacred space, followed by a Sanskrit meditation for Chakra Balancing during times of change and uncertainty. Once we have arrived in a place of harmony, clarity and lightness, we will enter the Akashic space where ...

  • 7 Balloon Chakra Balancing Practice with Erika Ramelli

    All of us have some chakra imbalances to be addressed. In this session, Erika Ramelli invites us to examine our beliefs, shares chakra balancing wisdom, and leads us in a balloon visualization to identify which chakras need your love. You can utilize her energetic tips to fully activate divine en...

  • Evoke Your Inner Artist Sonic Experience with Luna Maye

    Join Luna Maye for a unique and curious sound meditation and journal prompt to explore your inner artist! Feeling blocked? Curious about how to expand your creativity? Wanted an ease-filled meditation experience? Let’s drop in together! Luna introduces a new dimension of sound meditation to the w...

  • Practicing Poetry & Peace with Kurt Peloquin

    Poet and meditation teacher Kurt Peloquin leads a session to explore the deep roots of poetry and meditation as ancient practices for cultivating peace, passion, and presence. This session is for anyone looking to deepen their meditation practice and apply that peace to their creative process.

  • Cultivating Grandmother's Heart with Elena Brower

    Elena Brower leads a Zen-based meditation to remind us that we practice not only for ourselves, but for the benefit of all.

    Elena is a mama, teacher, artist, bestselling author and host of the Practice You Podcast. She has taught yoga and meditation since 1999. Her first book, Art of Attention, ...

  • Kindness For All Beings with Amanda Gilbert

    Join Amanda Gilbert as she shares meditations and reflections for how to build your kindness muscle and compassion response. Kindness is a practice, just like mindfulness is. So, get ready to let kindness take the spotlight in your daily meditation practice and within each moment of your day. Lea...

  • Twin Hearts Meditation with Agustina Caminos

    Just like when we shower, we can also cleanse our energy bodies. Agustina Caminos leads us through the Twin Hearts Meditation, a powerful tool to remove stagnant energy and elevate our vibration to reach a higher level of consciousness, experience inner peace and strengthen our immune system.

  • Identity & Appearance with Miriam Parker

  • How to Arise & Transform with Leah Kinsella

    Leah Kinsella leads a session titled How to Arise & Transform.

  • Transformative Power with Hector Marcel

    Hector Marcel of Three Jewels leads a bright Buddhist meditation. So much kindness, calmness, joy and inspiration! Maybe the most wonderful session and the most wonderful teacher!

  • The Art of Letting Go with Kurt Peloquin

    Join poet and meditation guide Kurt Peloquin on a creative exploration of The Art of Letting Go — featuring a guided meditation on impermanence, live music and poetry, and a group exercise in poetic storytelling.

  • Nurturance with Elena Brower

  • The Magic of Tiny Moments with Jared Matthew Weiss

  • Ho'oponopono Meditation with Elian Zach

    WOOM Center Founder Elian Zach leads a session on Ho'oponopono, a Hawaiian prayer made of four simple phrases. It is a cleansing practice of personal responsibility, forgiveness, love and gratitude. Through repeating this sequence of phrases with full presence and intention, we change narratives,...

  • Find Your Joy with Megan Lee Joy

    Get your Child-like Joy on! Find Your Joy led by Megan Lee Joy is a mixture of energy healing, meditation & experiential somatic therapy. This is a hands-on experience into expansive self-love where you journey inwards through music, movement and intentionality. Through meditation, visualization,...

  • Sitting Through It with Michael Krass

  • Taking Radical Responsibility with Rachel Webb

  • Live Piano Meditation with Murray Hidary

  • Walking Flow State Meditation with Murray Hidary

    Journey with Murray Hidary as you venture through your neighborhoods, local parks, beach or favorite walking paths, all while experiencing open-eyed flow state. This is a beautiful guided walking meditation with music scored by Murray. You can do this session at home, or on your favorite (conveni...

  • Hawaiian Ho’oponopono with Emilia Garth

    Join Emilia Garth for a session on the history of how the ancient Hawaiians practiced Ho’oponopono and modern applications and practices. You will learn about the origins of this popular practice, about Hawaiian culture, and will acquire a new skill to forgive and cultivate a community-based mind...

  • Find Your Sonic Joy, Sound Bath with Megan Lee Joy

    Join Megan Lee Joy's Find Your Joy classes for a mixture of energy healing, meditation & experiential therapy. This is a hands-on experience into expansive self-love where you journey inwards through music, meditation and intentionality. Through this meditation, visualization, and somatic sound h...

  • 7 Cycles to Freedom with Jasmyn Russell

    A candid talk demystifying the chakras, followed by a modern chakra scan meditation to help unlock emotional memories that hold us back from experiencing true Freedom in our day to day lives.

  • Meet Your Future Self with Peter Oppermann

    Peter Oppermann invites us on a guided journey to leave our current vantage points to engage with our future selves and highest potential. You'll walk away having greater clarity about what the new year may hold for you... and what inspired action you can take today.