Emilia Garth

Emilia Garth

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Emilia Garth
  • Limitless Potential

    Join us for a journey through music + meditation to remember, reignite, and reconnect with your true essence: unlimited potential. By the end of this journey, you will feel expansive, peaceful yet powerful and un-f-withable. Leaving fears and limiting thoughts behind, you will be ready to step in...

  • Seeds of Love with Emilia Garth

    Through this live music experience interwoven with grounding, yet expansive mediation with Emilia Garth, we will prime our year with a lens of love and gratitude.
    We will re-establish our connection to source, to love, and to the abundant happiness latent within us.

  • Mantra & Music Performance with Emilia Garth

    Singing is medicine. Join Emilia Garth as we join our voices collectively to honor and reconnect with the nature around us and within ourselves.

  • Hawaiian Ho’oponopono with Emilia Garth

    Join Emilia Garth for a session on the history of how the ancient Hawaiians practiced Ho’oponopono and modern applications and practices. You will learn about the origins of this popular practice, about Hawaiian culture, and will acquire a new skill to forgive and cultivate a community-based mind...