Practice By Theme

Practice By Theme

Explore a variety of topics to discover the modalities that work for you. Each theme presents our best sessions from world-class facilitators, each with a unique voice, technique, and style that will guide you into your own practice. Watch them ON DEMAND or join us LIVE daily.

Practice By Theme
  • Breathwork

    67 items

    Learn distinct and powerful breath practices from expert facilitators from around the world. It's so beneficial to experience different techniques and different teachers, each with their own style, energy, music, and medicine to share.

  • Energy & Healing

    71 items

    Our ability to manage energy and to heal ourselves is becoming increasingly accepted in an evidence-based Western world. We share philosophies and techniques from ancient schools as well as scientifically founded processes that support you on your journey to greater ease, peace, and health.

  • Guided Meditations

    104 items

    We began as a Miami-based meditation community, so guided meditations are core to our platform. Our diverse facilitators offer so many style of practice; from traditional Buddhist lineages to those based on yogic wisdom, to new age practices that bring you into present moment experience.

  • Kundalini & Kriya

    19 items

    Kundalini Yoga & Kriya use specific sets of breathing techniques, sound and physical poses to achieve specific outcomes. Each kriya is aimed at a specific outcome and has very specific instructions, such as the amount of time to hold each pose, point of eye contact and breath technique.

  • Journaling

    16 items

  • Mantra & Sound

    24 items

  • Movement
    22 items


    22 items

  • Mysticism & Shamanism

    42 items

  • Practical Tools

    72 items

  • Wisdom & Inspiration

    125 items

  • Yoga
    32 items


    32 items