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  • Love Crawl
    4 videos  |   Buy $29

    Love Crawl

    4 videos  |   Buy $29

    5 Days of Programming

  • Mindfulness in 2022 Panel

    1 video  |   Buy $5

    FIVE of the most prolific mindfulness facilitators (who are all friends!) as they candidly discuss the current definition of mindfulness and how it's practiced in western culture - including the distinction of practicing mindfulness for the "me" versus the "we."

  • Day 1 | Power of Empathy

    1 video  |   Buy $15

    Empathy is a profound yet perilous practice that requires refined attention and care. In this meditation, we will practice GRACE, a mnemonic for five steps that are useful in moving away from empathic distress, which is draining, and toward true compassion, which nourishes and uplifts. Let's rela...

  • Day 2 | Twin Hearts Meditation

    1 video  |   Buy $15

    Agustina Caminos shares her profound Twin Hearts Meditation with our community. Through the meditation of Twin Hearts you activate your Heart and Crown Chakras to become a channel of Divine energy to bless our planet, family and projects. It is a highway to illumination for its powerful cleansing...