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  • Gamma Breathwork Goal Activation

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    The Gamma State lights up our entire brain, empowering us with the processing power to take action on our goals with clarity and efficiency - we will activate this reality in our Gamma Breath Session.

    RahQuel Star Achiaviatta is the Director of the Energy Of Breath School, offering Gamma Activat...

  • Laugh Class with Alan Wein

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    In this session, we will explore a simple, effective, and profound hack to anchor ourselves in a present-positive state and reap all the benefits to permeate all areas of our lives.

    Alan Wein is here to remind us all of the power of laughter. Do you take life very seriously?

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  • Breath Practice with Gina Avellan

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    Gina Avellan is a Breathwork practitioner that helps people achieve personal transformation via the simple practice of getting them to breathe a specific technique. She is certified as a Health Coach, Reiki Level 1 Practitioner, and Breathwork Facilitator. Previously, she was an executive in the ...

  • Christina Ionno

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    Christina Ionno, founder of yogic collective Dakini Lounge, is an avid yoga practitioner, meditation guide, and leader of dharmic practices based in Brooklyn, NY.
    Brimming with ancient wisdom served through a fresh perspective, she feels called to inspire others to reach their ultimate potential ...