Learn distinct and powerful breath practices from expert facilitators from around the world. It's so beneficial to experience different techniques and different teachers, each with their own style, energy, music, and medicine to share.

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  • Energy Boosting Breathwork & Meditation with Jordana Reim

    Jordana Reim shares various energy balancing and boosting breathing techniques to clear your mind and create focus for your day ahead. We will go in and out of active state of breathing coupled with a presence practice of feeling and grounding.

  • Expand: A Breathwork Journey with Onyay Pheori

    Onyay Pheori leads us in a guided Breathwork journey to explore your inner world, release resistance, connect with your inner being and expand what’s possible in your life. This will be an opportunity to let go, deeply nourish your body, discover what's vital for you right now and incorporate the...

  • Breathwork Journey with Rob Starbuck

    Join Rob Starbuck and enjoy a shortened version of his popular Breathwork journey where you’ll use your own breath to clear away stress and access to transcendent dimensions within yourself.

  • Breathwork for Compassion with Maya Keane

  • Release with Breathwork with Gina Avellan

  • Elemental Breathwork and Kriya with Chad Woodford

    Abundance is a state where everything is available to us right now. Chad Woodford guides us through several Himalayan Kundalini seated practices designed to awaken your Prana and bring you into the direct experience of unity. These powerful transformational practices will put you in touch with yo...

  • Inner Freedom Journey with Onyay Pheori

    Join Onyay Pheori for a journey through breath and visualization as we will explore our energy centers and inner world. Discover tools to connect more deeply with your higher self for inner awareness, freedom and mastery.

  • Breathwork Journey with Rob Starbuck

    Join Rob Starbuck and enjoy a shortened version of his popular Breathwork journey where you’ll use your own breath to clear away stress and access to transcendent dimensions within yourself.

  • Traditional Pranayama with Harshvardhan Jhaveri

    Join Harsh Jhaveri for an understanding on traditional Pranayama and practice of Hatha Yoga Pranayama techniques to expand the breath, make it long and subtle to facilitate the inner processes of yoga i.e. concentration and meditation. You will learn traditional techniques with a focus on how to ...

  • Transformational Breathwork with Erin Rose Ward

    Experience a powerful breath technique with Erin Rose Ward that moves energy though your body and stimulates your power. Breathwork is an amazing way to actively meditate. Come as you are and see what is revealed.

  • Breathwork for the Release of Self Deception with Jesse Gros

  • Guided Pyramid Breathwork Experience with Johann Urb

    Join Johann Urb for an empowering and transformational breath play experience. Releasing stress, while boosting immunity, letting go of limiting beliefs and creating an empowering narrative for our lives. A fun ritual of renewal and empowerment for the mind. An immune boost for the physical body.

  • Heart-Centered Breathwork with Jesse Gros

    Breathwork facilitator Jesse Gros leads us in a deep session to breathe into our hearts. Exhale all that is false. Connect with your truth. It is a radical state change. It will be sure to move you out of your mind into your heart.

  • Breath Play with Jordana Reim

    In this musically-driven session, Jordana takes you into your own personal peaks through breath. This method of Breathwork shares a theme of "play" in order to bring about both inspiration and integration. We'll play in between the space of tension and release so that all can begin to integrate.

  • Go Beyond with Onyay Pheori

    Join Onyay for an exploration, with your breath and superconsciousness, to experience your life force energy, vitality, well-being, inner guidance and light.
    Exploring your breath and inner world are powerful ways to experience inspiration, clarity, healing and flow in your life.

  • Divine Feminine Breathwork with Erin Rose Ward

    Join Erin Rose Ward in a breathwork practice aimed to support surrendering to power of the divine feminine inside of us. That which holds space for all experiences and sits in the seat of trust. We will move energy through our body in this dynamic practice that brings us into communion with the d...

  • The Pyramid Breath Method Experience with Johann Urb

    Join Johann Urb for a powerful Breathwork experience weaving in ritual, sound, movement, visualization and empowerment practices. Boost your immunity. Let go of trauma and limiting beliefs. Discover and empower your true nature.

  • Heal with Breathwork with Marlize Joubert

    Join Marlize Joubert in creating a powerful 2021! Through this class expect to move from procrastination into action, confusion into clarity, negative emotions into lightness and joy. Marlize will share a little bit about Breathwork and it’s healing effects, set an intention, ground and begin thi...

  • Gamma Breathwork for the Pineal Gland with RahQuel Star Achiaviatta

    join RahQuel Star Achiaviatta in an invigorating and joy-amplifying pineal gland activation! Gamma Breathwork brings us into our own natural DMT- release for consciousness upgrades and radiant health, plus the fulfillment of our highest visions for our life and the collective.

    Come feel what it...

  • Illumination of The Breath with Heather Hogan

    Join Heather Hogan for a discussion on the value of stripping your meditation practice of its bells and whistles, and the stunning experience of returning to the breath. We as a culture are afflicted with a "more is more" mentality. See what happens when you use the "less is more" approach to you...

  • The Importance of Relaxation in Modern Times

    Relaxation is forgotten; the chaos & the speed with which we currently live does not allow us to take that minute we need to pause, take a deep breath. Relaxation is regenerative, it allows us the space to neutralize the body so that the energy is redirected to heal completely. Relaxation is prel...

  • Pinneal Gland Activation with Gamma Breathwork

    Gamma Breathwork boosts your brain frequency to 40hz and higher, leading to a micro release of naturally occurring DMT, and opening up your pineal gland to your higher sensory abilities. Join us to expand your consciousness and learn how to do these easy breath practices any time on your own to c...

  • Science of Relationships

    Certain traits have been shown to be especially important for maintaining healthy connections. We dive deep into the breath and our relationship to ourselves and with others. Relationships are one of the most powerful indicators to a happy and fulfilled life. Nourkawa, A powerful, dynamic creativ...

  • Inherent Bliss

    We will come together in a meditative seated practice that combines breathwork and subtle kriya designed to go deep within and access our inherent bliss nature. You will tap into the infinite, nurturing intelligence of nature and experience a taste of true unity deep within.