Mysticism & Shamanism

Mysticism & Shamanism

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Mysticism & Shamanism
  • Shamanism, Sex & Money

    A transmission on what is human power, potential and how we move forward (inward and lateral) as a species

  • Deepening the Art of Sacred Facilitation with Rev. Briana Lynn Cavion

    So you're ready to facilitate.... hmmm? You've had an awakening. You KNOW you're a lightworker... what do you do first? Change your IG handle? Announce it to your friends? Start soliciting clients? Before you jump into SERVICE, join Rev. Briana Lynn Cavion and let's go through the checklist of FE...

  • The Origin and Use of Gayatri Mantra (May 25, 2022)

    The Gayatri mantra is one of the most beneficial mantras to learn and recite. It will help to remove negative karma and energies and propel you forward to the experience of your true divine self.

  • Spiritual Reset with Shekinah & Sananda

    Shekinah & Sananda co-create a Spiritual Reset with you, teach about the significance of Higher Consciousness, open up your heart space and create ripples and waves of Love in the fabric of this world. Expect a powerful energetic transmission as well as a wisdom and heart sharing about what True ...

  • Healing Through the Chakras with Morgan Field

    Morgan Field leads a session where she presents chakras as data files. Then, she leads us balancing and healing our chakras. You will learn how to ground yourself back into you—so that you can be the center of gravity for your own life. You will walk away renewed, empowered, and activated.

  • Self Mastery through Observation with Ian Hayes

    Ian Hayes leads a session on self-mastery. He covers how to read and track energy patterns in yourself and others, which allows you to navigate and direct your experience of life. After this session you will gain greater awareness of yourself and others.

  • Your Life As a Living Ceremony with Mara Branscombe

    This session will begin with a guided visualization to connect with the elements and awaken positive vibrations with the body-mind channels. A series of shamanic breath techniques will follow to clear the body of stagnation and attune to the essential self. We will then enter sacred space and go ...

  • Embodied Ritual with Mara Branscombre

    Join Mara Branscombe for a sharing about around how Ritual and Rhythm are a powerful pairing and will bring you into a state of energetic wholeness. You can expect Meditation, Chakra Toning, Breathwork, and a Guided Shamanic Journey to anchor you into an evolutionary heart centred awareness.

  • Sacred Relationships with Shekinah & Sananda

    Shekinah and Sananda share deep wisdom about sacred partnership.

  • The Alchemy of Love with EuGene Gant

    There is a mystery waiting in love. It's hidden within the darkest places, waiting for us to discover more of ourselves. When we can change our perspective about love and our relationships, we can change our world. Let's get to it. EuGene Gant shares tools and insights that assist the "love pract...

  • Avatars, Masters, & Saints with Michael Gebhardt

    Join 5-time Olympian Michael Gebhardt as he shares personal experiences following Saints and Masters for over 3 decades. From the biblical, yogic and mystery school traditions, we know of Krishna, Jesus and Buddha but the masters and Saints are always among us, manifesting divine love, healing an...

  • Shamanic Meditation for Chakra Healing with Fern Olivia

    Fern will open shall open with a traditional Native American prayer for creating a sacred space, followed by a Sanskrit meditation for Chakra Balancing during times of change and uncertainty. Once we have arrived in a place of harmony, clarity and lightness, we will enter the Akashic space where ...

  • The New Earth Story with Darren Austin Hall

    The New Earth is a popular spiritual talking point in our current transformational age. Visionary teacher, Darren Austin Hall, will share wisdom teachings on how humanity can help co-create a new civilization based on enlightened perspectives and universal truth. Darren will also converge ancient...

  • The Awakening of 5D Humanity with Darren Austin Hall

    In this session, Darren shares how humanity is experiencing a collective initiation into new evolutions of consciousness. We are living in a time of profound awakening. Learn the terrain of 5D and how to embody universal truth.

  • Practical Vedic Astrology with Theo Burkhardt

    Théo Burkhardt leads a session using Vedic Astrology as a tool for spiritual evolution so we can live our dharma. Join us as we find out what the stars have to say about who we are, where we're going, and how to live the best version of our astrological chart.

  • Cosmic 2021 Akashic Forecast with Fern Olivia

    In this session, certified Akashic Records Reader Fern Olivia guides us through a meditation sound journey with angelic frequencies to invite us to enter the chamber of the Akashic Records where she will offer a group transmission with the necessary components for this energetic 5D adjustment. Us...

  • Gaia Awakening with Darren Hall

    Darren Austin Hall leads us from Santa Teresa, Costa Rica in a session titled Gaia Awakening.

  • Mysticism & Money

    Sylvia Benito is a healer and facilitator of shamanic practices. She also works in the investment management industry, investing over $1 billion in assets. Sylvia's work is to straddle seemingly polar opposite energies - such as money and awakening, or power and awakening - and cobble them togeth...

  • Halloween Ritual Ceremony

    Join Megan Lee Joy on Halloween Sunday 2021 to ground, honor and get into the SPIRIT! A perfect pre-party or if you are all partied out - the perfect way to create some Halloween magick. The session will begin with a brief occult history of Halloween and then Megan will lead a ritual practice ful...

  • New Year Energy Forecast

    2021 has been a powerful year, a swirling cauldron of transformation, holding destruction and death and creativity and birth. What kind of year are you dreaming into being for 2022? This New Year's Eve portal offers a transformational portal to all that you have been working within your unique wa...

  • Day 6 | Building the New Earth

    On Day 6 of the Renew You ‘22 Challenge, Costa Rica-based mystic Darren Austin Hall shares with us the prophecy of the New Earth, where humanity co-creates a new civilization based on enlightened perspectives and universal truth.

    Can we co-create a new Golden Age? It's a huge question - Let's di...