Alain Lagger

Alain Lagger

Alain is a speaker, coach and facilitator that seeks to heal the “us-them” mentality so rampant in the world. His topics of facilitation include communication, relationship, and flow state in all aspects of life. He began his career as a police officer at the age of 16, the youngest officer on the Dutch police force and now lives in the jungles of Costa Rica where he is a partner at the Brave Earth center for Applied Cultural Transition.

Join Alain for his monthly session "Welcome to the Jungle" LIVE every 4th Tuesday of the month at 8pm ET.


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Alain Lagger
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    Alain Lagger, our brother from Brave Earth in Costa Rica, leads a talk about the connection between honesty and freedom. He invites you to notice the differences between what you want and what you're creating in your life. As you become more fully expressed and honest, in your daily life... the g...