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  • Day 29 | 4 Pillars of Conscious Startups

    On Day 29 of the Renew You ‘22 Challenge, CEO of Nue Life Health Juan Pablo Cappello leads a session about conscious business.

    Juan Pablo is co-founder and CEO of Nue Life Health, a next-gen mental wellness company that believes in the power of psychedelics to catalyze lasting change. He was rai...

  • Day 30 | Yoga Nidra for Deep Healing

    On Day 30 of the Renew You ‘22 Challenge, Reverend Briana Lynn will dive deep into the art and science of storytelling and how to allow 'your shit to become your shine.' You have something POWERFUL to offer this planet. The art of telling is our oracular tradition that activates the human mind an...

  • Day 31 | What's Next For You

    On the final day of the Renew You ‘22 Challenge, Hay House Author and Mindset Coach Jennifer Grace will guide you on an epic adventure where you get to cultivate and refine your 2022 vision for yourself, your community, and for what you want to create in, and for... the world.

    👇🏼 To participate ...

  • 2/01 8PM ET | Radical Self-Love Revolution

    We are in the month if love! In this session of Find Your Joy, join Megan for an inspiring and educational experience into radical self-love!

    Whether you are the guru of your own heart or get to treat yourself more often - this class will provide a safe space for LOOOOVE! Let’s take this time to...

  • 2/02 10AM ET | February Astrology Check In

    The magic of astrology is to unlock who we are. Its potential is not only to apply to our own lives, but to understand this time of transition that we are in. George does a collective reading, so you can better navigate the year to come.

    Use promo code 'GEORGE22' to for your 1st month discount t...

  • 2/03 8 PM ET | Wisdom School

    Join Darren to discuss relevant and cutting-edge topics in spirituality and the evolution of consciousness.

    Learn how to deepen your spiritual growth & receive inspiration for higher purpose.

    Darren is a visionary leader, spiritual educator, sound alchemist and sacred musician. He is devoted t...

  • 2/04 10 AM ET | Mysticism & Money

    Sylvia Benito is a healer and facilitator of shamanic practices. She also works in the investment management industry, investing over $1 billion in assets. Sylvia's work is to straddle seemingly polar opposite energies - such as money and awakening, or power and awakening - and cobble them togeth...

  • 2/06 8PM ET | Intersection of Sexuality & Spirit Panel

    Join us for a panel of master facilitators exploring the two sides of the human experience, Sexulity & Spirituality, with a radical look at how they may not be so separate after all. Expect a lively panel that explores the nuances of the word sexuality, spirituality, ego identity, and how we indi...

  • 2/07 6:30PM ET | Meditation Journey Concert

    Jonathan Marcoschamer (aka yoni) is a percussionist and music producer that performs live sets, looping sounds and creating beats on the fly with both acoustic and electronic instruments like the handpan, djembe, and synth sounds. Every live set intends to weave uptempo grooves with calm, etherea...

  • 2/07 10 AM ET | Meditation on OM

    Understand the philosophy of OM and practice meditation on OM from the ancient texts and scriptures such as the Upaniṣads and Yogasūtra. ,Enter into the esoteric meaning of OM and learn about its application in your own life path. Tune in with the Infinite.

  • 2/08 8 PM ET | Living Awake

    Brian Marc Zimberg is an inspirational speaker and a preeminent expert in modern Meditation, Mindfulness, and Modern Enlightenment ® .
    He is the author of "Stop Smile Breathe Be" and creator of the revolutionary program Access Points - The Modern-Life Meditation Plan, teaching people how to “get ...

  • 2/09 10 AM ET | Love Magnet

  • 2/10 8PM ET | Breath and Desire

    Guided breathwork journeys are a powerful way to explore the unconscious dimensions of your being to transform, awaken and expand your gifts.

  • 2/11 10AM ET | The Art of Sacred Living

    Kevin Walton leads us to uncover insights on what it means to live a Sacred Life and the impact and fulfillment that comes with it. Experience tangible ways to access greater capacity of presence and spiritual connection in a practical yet magical way.

  • 2/13 8PM ET | Wholehearted Attention

    Amanda is a meditation teacher, professor of mindfulness and the author of the book, Kindness Now: A 28-Day Guide to Living with Authenticity, Intention, and Compassion

  • 2/14 10 AM ET | Sarah Finger-Platt

    Sarah Platt-Finger is the co-founder of ISHTA Yoga and the private yoga teacher of Deepak Chopra. She shares the elevating tools of ISHTA to the yoga community worldwide through trainings, workshops, and retreats. She believes that yoga is a microcosm for the life we lead off the mat, and that a ...

  • 2/15 8PM ET | Art of Sexuality

    Josefina Bashout aka the Pussy Priestess who is a Tantric Love & Sex Educator as well as a spiritual Psychologist

  • 2/16 10 AM ET | Demistifying Shiva & Shakti

    Shiva and Shakti as the masculine and feminine principles are today a popular subject in spirituality. But what are these two opposites really? You will understand in depth the actual meaning and knowledge behind the Sun and the Moon aspects of reality.

  • 2/17 8 PM ET | Invoking Wisdom Within

    t’s so tempting to look outside of ourselves for the answers, but the most potent wisdom resides within us!

  • 2/18 10 AM ET | Golden Voices

    A feeling of being invited and ignited into their golden essence,We are all golden inside, it is our time to shine,A man on a mission to invite others to claim their golden voice

  • 2/20 8 PM ET | Practical Meditation

    What happens when we meditate and why do we do it? What is it about this ancient practice that is still so critical to our modern lives? In this talk and meditation session, we will explore how to cultivate our practice and take the insights from the cushion to every moment in our daily lives whe...

  • 2/21 10 AM ET | Mindfulness Tools to BE vs DO

    It is, however, so easy to get caught up in the flow and grind of our ever-evolving world that it can sometimes feel like a challenge to pause and really, truly be in the moment. Even when we are be-ing, we might be mentally sifting through a laundry list of things we "should" be do-ing.

    In a br...

  • 2/22 8 PM ET | Sacred Plant Medicine Journey

    Connect with the universal vibration that our sacred plant medicines and allies show us through ceremony. This session features music to guide and carry us through the journey within. Every word and every song is a prayer. Through these songs, we honor the earth and remember the blessings it cont...

  • 2/12 10AM ET I Love Hurts

    Join Lodro Rinzler, long-time Buddhist teacher and the author of such books as "The Buddha Walks into a Bar" and "Love Hurts" for a special session where we learn tools to manage heartbreak

    Whether you're feeling heartbroken about the state of the world, your ex, your work situation or something...